Refugee Resettlement 101

Explore the little-known world of refugee resettlement in this mini-series. Let expert guests guide you through the many political and humanitarian issues that surround refugee protection. Hear personal stories from refugees themselves. Understand how resettlement works and why it matters.

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Friday Nov 17, 2023

Host Ayse Bilgehan Avder is joined by migration scholars Ragna Lillevik and Elsa Maarawi to unravel the complexities of refugee protection and resettlement. Delving into the challenges encountered by refugees globally, the trio sheds light on the stark reality that only a fraction secure resettlement through UNHCR. The spotlight is on Lebanon, where the podcast vividly portrays the difficult circumstances faced by refugees and examines the limited avenues for resettlement to safe third countries.

Friday Nov 17, 2023

In this illuminating episode, Ayse and East-Africa expert Dr. Ingunn Bjørkhaug discuss why seeking resettlement can feel like a competition. Ingunn gives examples from the East-African context and explains why refugees take a gamble when they share stories about suffering to secure a spot in resettlement programs. We also discuss the public perception of resettled refugees as 'the genuine refugees,' and why the truth is more complex.

Friday Nov 17, 2023

Ayse welcomes special guest Ali Mohammed who recounts his hazardous journey fleeing Somalia, navigating through Africa, and the perilous Mediterranean crossing to reach Malta. Ali's firsthand account provides a stark portrayal of the unpredictable journey refugees undertake to seek protection on their own, and compare this with his  UNHCR-organized resettlement from Malta to Norway. Gain insight into the resilience of refugees, as well as the challenges that persist post resettlement.

Friday Nov 17, 2023

Ayse engages with migration scholars Dr. Nerina Weiss and Dr. Ragna Lillevik to explore the power dynamics that allow resettlement countries to "cherry-pick" refugees. The discussion also uncovers the meticulous steps refugees navigate for resettlement with examples from Norway. Finally, the trio try to gaze into the uncertain future of resettlement. Will this act of international solidarity hold against the political and humanitarian challenges on the horizon?


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